Thursday, March 14, 2013

San Francisco for a Beautiful Wedding

Hi everyone!
We are one day away from flying out to sunny California
for the union
of two very special people.
I grew up with the groom and he is like a brother to me.
In all of our childhood pictures and home videos,
you are guarenteed to see little Simon.
I have shared such incredible times with him and he means so much to me.
From summers on Martha's Vineyard,
to Saturday night sleepovers at eachother's houses-
He is like family and that will never change.
He has a heart of gold and deserves the very best in life.
And then there is Sarah, his gorgeous bride-to-be.
She also grew up in my town, just on the top of our street.
She is a few years older than me but I remember looking up to her since I was a little girl.
She was always so kind to me and would light up the room when she walked in.
What amazes me, is that her soul is even more beautiful than her gorgeous smile.
From the moment these two reconnected in recent years,
I knew it was meant to be.
They complete each other in a way I never thought possible.
They are simply perfect for one another
and I am so happy to see these love birds become husband and wife.
<3 <3 <3
Here are some shots of the future bride and groom from my wedding :).

The next time I post
I will be sharing beautiful pictures of these two on their wedding day.
I wish these two many years of love and laughs <3
Love you both so much!

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