Friday, March 22, 2013

Country Girl Collections Wedding Decor Travels To San Francisco, CA

Hi Everyone!
We are home from the beautiful and sunny California!
Just as we were landing at Logan Airport in Boston on Monday night,
I looked out the window and saw SNOW.
Gah, soon enough it will be spring weather here as well!
The wedding was perfect from start to finish.
The bride, Sarah, looked absolutely stunning- out of a magazine beautiful.
She mine as well quit her job and become a bridal model...
And her groom, Simon, looked incredibly handsome himself.
He was even referred to as Orlando Bloom in the Best Man speech.
My husband and I arrived, with one suitcase of clothes and one suitcase of wedding décor,
on early Friday afternoon.
That night, the bride and groom hosted a 'Meet and Greet' party,
a perfect way for all of the family and friends to get together before the big day.
The party was held at the Groom's office space, Singly on Florida Ave in San Francisco.
What a cool space it was!
There were tables complete with mason jars and sunflowers-- Just my style!
I especially loved the hand painted signs and tall branch arrangements that were lid by many candles.
These two have very beautiful taste!
The next morning,
We woke up and relaxed in our outdoor patio/garden space.
It was beautiful and just what we needed after a long day of traveling.
Then, we headed over to The Stable Café on Folsom Street for the wedding ceremony.
The weather was beautiful and sunny- Just how you dream it to be for your wedding day.
The space looked so modern, yet rustic.
I loved it from the moment I walked in.
You entered through an enormous rod iron, gated door- complete with a sunflower bouquet.
I was not sure what to expect for the ceremony space, as I had not seen it before..
But it was perfect for Simon and Sarah.
With lush succulents every where you looked, potted plants, standing trees,
even shutters with plants growing out of them.
It was beautiful.
Then the ceremony started and so did my tears!
I was trying to photograph it all but it was so hard to keep composure to do so.
A beautiful little flower girl walked down the isle
 holding my up-cycled basket full of dried flower petals-- Just as the bride requested.
{These petals traveled all the way from the bride's home town of Tolland, Connecticut}
Then walked the bride and her father.
She had a glow like I have never seen before,
and a smile from ear to ear.
Everyone, I am sure, was speechless at her beauty and grace as she greeted her groom for the first time.
The ceremony continued with many laughs, smiles, and tears.
What beautiful readings and songs.
It was incredible.
And the kiss..
It was the best wedding kiss I ever saw!
Time stood still, as all of their friends and family cheered and clapped.
After the ceremony, the newlyweds announced that they had a surprise for us all..
it was a DOUBLE DECKER SIGHT SEEING BUS to take us all around San Francisco!
That was the best cocktail hour I have ever been to and most likely ever will!
We sipped champagne as we went on a guided tour around the beautiful area.
After this unforgettable cocktail hour,
we were dropped back off at the Stable Café for delicious hors d'oeuvres!
The entire reception was amazing.
From the food, to the choreographed first dance,
the speeches, to the unique dessert table complete with local pies,
it was perfect.
I took many photographs of my trip and I am so excited to share them with you.
I will never forget this San Francisco wedding,
And I am so glad that Country Girl Collections was able to be a part of it.
<3 <3 <3

Here is a handmade, up-cycled bouquet that was my favorite project of all. I asked all of the groom's family for old fabrics and buttons and created this beautiful reception décor item.
Even the grooms pajamas are in there from when he was a little boy!
Here is the flower girl basket I provided!
I had a lot of fun creating this as well.
I spent some time hunting for the perfect 'French market' basket, just as the bride requested.
Then, I painted it silver, added ribbon and twine,
and created another handmade flower to complete the rustic-city look.
The petals were donated from Wild Flowers of Tolland, Connecticut and looked great lining the isle.

 Both the bride and the groom enjoy bike riding a lot,
and it is one of their favorite activities to do with each other.
So, per the request of the bride and groom, I took a piece of wood from an old pallet,
sanded it down and then stained it so it will keep forever.

 Here are the handmade up-cycled boutineers that I provided for the groomsmen and fathers.
They matched their attire perfectly, and the groom loved them!
I was so glad I could make these for them!



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