Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Princess Inspired Weddings, Ellington Connecticut

Have you spent most of your life dreaming of your fairy tale wedding?
A big princess gown full of sparkles and beading...
Maybe you already found your 'happily ever after' but aren't sure how to bring a touch of Princess into your wedding day dreams.
When Marisa from Sassy Mouth Photography came to me with the vision
of a Snow White inspired bridal shoot,
I thought this would be the PERFECT opportunity to inspire brides everywhere
on how to execute the Princess theme in their wedding day.
Although I grew up singing and dancing to 'A Whole New World' and 'Under The Sea',
While wedding planning for my own big day,
I never envisioned incorpating a touch of Princess.
{I loved the Disney Princesses when I was little and grew up longing to be Belle,
with that gorgeous golden gown and beautiful brown hair.}
The thought of a glass slipper or tiara seemed very traditional and 'old school' to me,
and I didn't know how to blend it in with my dream of a rustic, country wedding.
However, since then I have encouraged many brides to continue with the Princess theme,
despite my initial beliefs.
I have learned that there is no better day to add a touch of fairytale Princess than your wedding!
Not only will you look lie a gorgeous Disney Princess on your wedding day,
but you will FEEL as special as Cinderella did the night of the royal ball.  
Don't let the Princess idea scare you away from including it in your wedding day.
You can continue with whatever vision you had,
whether it be rustic, shabby chic, vintage- you name it.
This Snow White styled bridal shoot is far from traditional,
in fact I consider it very rustic- yet elegant at the same time.
I had a lot of fun brainstorming and creating the decor pieces for this incredible photo shoot,
{I wanted to share some of the brains behind the beauty.}
The following post describes ways in which
you can add a touch of Princess to any wedding.
All Photography Provided By Sassy Mouth Photography
1. A Touch Of Red
We all remember the beautiful Snow White,
with her dark brown hair and beautiful RED headband.
Well, this is not only coincidence that her hairpiece is this color,
as red plays a very powerful role in the movie.
I decided to bring the color red into our styled photo shoot in a number of ways.
However, that does not mean that EVERYTHING has to be red.
My table decor and centerpieces were not red,
nor were the bouquets that our beautiful Snow White model held.
Here are some ways in which the color red was blended with an otherwise neutral bridal decor.

2. A Touch of Nature
When I was a little girl, my favorite part of the Snow White movie
was the scene when Snow White sings to the many different animals in the woods.
I spent hours as a child playing in the woods behind my house,
sometimes with my siblings and neighbors and sometimes alone.
I remember thinking how cool it would be if all the birds, squirrels, bunnies and deer came running to me as I sang my little heart out.
We decided to add a touch of nature in the decor for this styled shoot.
This is just another way you could incoorporate the Snow White Princess theme
into your wedding day plans.

More to come soon!
<3 <3 <3
Love from your Country Girl, Anna!

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