Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Wedding of Betsy and Mark- Providence, Rhode Island

It has taken me a little while to blog this last wedding of the 2013 season,
but better late than never right?
Last year, one of my longest friends contacted me with the news that she was getting married!
We met in kindergarten and have been great friends ever since!
The love of her life, Mark, asked her to marry him
and what a beautiful couple they make!
They met in college
which set the location for their Providence wedding!
Their reception was held at the gorgeous Biltmore Hotel.
I was excited to travel to this city for such a wonderful event!
Betsy and Mark have always loved antiquing and collecting old items.
They wanted this to be the style of their special day.
When I first sat down with Betsy, she said she loved finding lace doilies and all things 'pretty'.
Mark, on the other hand, gravitated right towards the antique books.
{I immediately saw the vision for their wedding!}
From antique tea cups to vintage brooches,
old books to long strands of pearls,
I included all the elegant items that they wished for.
Both have  moved a lot over the last couple years,
and their love grew stronger because of this.
I decided to include maps in this vintage theme to represent their travels, both together and apart.
Now they reside together,
as husband and wife,
and I wish them the very best in their journey together!
<3 <3 <3


 Thank you Betsy for the wonderful review you wrote on !
'Anna's decor was easily my favorite part of my wedding (second to actually getting married, of course). She brought everything together perfectly, beyond what I could have imagined. All I had to do was give her a general idea of what I wanted, and she completely understood and knew what to do. She worked with me throughout the whole process to really capture my dream decor. She was ready and eager to help at all times. I'm not very creative, so Anna's insight and creativity were so helpful. In the end my table center pieces, welcome table, family memory table, cake table, and sweet heart table were more beautiful than anything I could have ever dreamed of myself. I HIGHLY recommend Anna and her business-- it totally made the day stress free knowing that she was taking care of those little details, and she added a personalized touch to the decor as opposed to the routine venue stuff. I can't say enough great things about Country Girl Collections! '

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