Friday, April 5, 2013

What Country Girl Collections provides for special occasions and events

Hello There My Sweet Fans,
I have gotten so many emails and facebook messages
asking what exactly Country Girl Collections provides for your event decor and planning!
I have gotten questions about my vintage rentals, handmade banners, floral arrangements, photography and much more!
So I thought I would write a post today
to clear the air and explain a little more of what Country Girl Collections truly entails!
When I am first contacted by a bride-to-be or a mother planning their daughter' third birthday party,
I am always asked 'What do you do?'....
The answer is simple.
Whatever the client needs!

I always answer them by explaining I can provide custom-created, one-of-a-kind decor for their special day as well as offering my planning recommendations and advice.
I always start by asking them what their event entails and what themes/ mental images do they have in mind for their big day.
Instantly, my creative wheels start turning....
Within a few days, I reply with many decor ideas and images to go along with them.
I send them links to other blogs that have featured similar event themes and decor items,
as well as offering a collection of images to see what it is that they like, or dislike!
At this point,
the client is usually overjoyed and ecstatic with what I have provided them.
This helps get them excited for their event and know that it is possible to carry out the theme of their dreams!
What is next?
We develop a budget together.
And I promise to stick to it!
I then send the client a detailed price list of what the décor and creation time will cost them!
And I have always stayed within each budget-- And I take great pride in that!
Do I charge for my prior planning/ researching/ inspiration images?
That is part of the Country Girl Collections commitment!
I love what I do so much that I enjoy every minute of brainstorming new, fun ideas for events-
and seeing a client completely happy with my services is the best part of my job! :)
Once a contract is established,
I can start the creation process!
I make my required purchases and as soon as items have been created-
the client will get photograph updates of what I have been doing for them!
And the day of the event...
Well, I arrive early to set up the Country Girl Collections  décor items-
I will then stay for the length of the event (If asked to do so)-
 and will remove my décor items without any sign of ever being there once the event has ended!
What kind of vintage rentals do I have in my collection?
I have everything and anything from old shutters and window panes, to elegant tea cups and saucers, to hand collected vintage vases and glassware...
I collect old jewelry and brooches, as well as vintage lace and quilts of all kinds.
I have numerous old suitcases of all colors, baskets galore, rustic wooden bins,
large furniture pieces including bureaus and shelves, trunks and chairs,
large and small vintage mirrors, chandeliers, lanterns, mason jars and much more..
If there is something on your wish list that I do not already own,
I will find it through my various antique vendors and estate sales, and purchase it for your event!
I have received ten reviews in the last year on Wedding Wire--
and I am proud to announce they are all five out of five stars!
{I am waiting on even more from the 2013 year...!}
What about my photography?
I consider myself a family-life photographer!
I love to capture time through beautiful images!
Do I provide wedding photography?
But, I would love to join the bride and bridesmaids while they get ready for the big day!
Or capture the love between the bride and groom during an engagement session prior to their wedding day!
I particularly love photographing family shoots, infant and child shoots,
engagements shoots, maternity shoots, bridal showers, birthday parties, baby showers, and much more!
I am photographing a Christening in the next few weeks and can't wait to provide the family with gorgeous pictures of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Did I answer all of your questions?
If not, please feel free to contact me at any time.
You may message me on facebook on my business page,
or email my business account at
I would love to chat over the phone and you can call me anytime at 860-324-8121.
I would love to make your special moments unforgettable
and provide you with the same happiness as my many previous clients!
So much love from this Country Girl!
<3 <3 <3 Anna <3 <3 <3

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